The Ladies I Love - Ceri Dupree


 Ceri Dupree is back on the road with his fabulous new show THE LADIES I LOVE, with new costumes, routines, jokes and songs. Presenting a fabulous evening of hysterical comedy, amazing vocal impersonations and jaw-dropping, eye-popping costumes. Glitz and glamour at its best.

 Ceri’s energy, style, showmanship, love for the show and his appreciation of an audience shines through in this non stop, quick changing homage to all his favourite ladies.

Ceri brings them all lovingly to life with a touch of Las Vegas class rarely seen in the UK today. Once described as ‘Joe Longthorne meets Lily Savage... only with better legs!’


“I’ve seen hundreds of men dress up as women over the years, most of them disastrously so. A handful of them get this particular art form right, Ceri is one of that handful” (The Times)

“Slick and saucy, rude and risqué, fun and fantastic” (Leicester Mercury)

"Dupree storms the stage with style, wit, glamour, glitter and a pace that leaves you amazed". Three words ....Value For Money!!!" (The Stage)

“This show deserves it’s 5 stars for Dupree’s costumes alone, but more than that, it’s just a terrific act, an extremely talented impersonator” (

This is a man at the top of his game, the glorious OTT costumes, the facial expressions, physical gestures and vocal talent create hysterical madness” (Pocket Size Theatre)

Tocynnau Llyfrau

Wed 16 Oct 19:30